Timeless Financial Tips for Financial Success

Five Timeless Tips for Financial Success

 There are a myriad of tips regarding financial planning. Today we are going to discuss a few that have stood the test of time. Watch Szarka Financial’s CEO Les Szarka, CFP®, ChFC®, discuss these tips with Fox 8 News Anchors Stefani…

4 Times You Really Need to Talk to a Financial Advisor

;" What are the 4 times you really need to talk to a financial advisor? What kind of emotional mistakes do people make during a divorce? If aging parents want to stay in their homes, and how do you pay for that? How soon before retirement should…

What does a 1969 Woody Allen Movie have in Common with Today's Investment Markets?

What is FOMO and how do I respond? What are some of the reasons why I should not get too "hung up" with numbers pertaining to the stock market? What does a Woody Allen movie have in common with today's investment market? Watch Szarka…
Post-Divorce Financial Planning Cleveland, OH

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

Why are beneficiary designations important? What happens in regard to beneficiary designations as a result of a divorce? What are the recent changes or updates to laws regarding these situations? Watch Szarka Financial’s Senior Financial…

How is My IRA Affected by Abandoned or Unclaimed Funds Rules?

 How does the IRS treat escheatment of an IRA? What role do the rules on Required Minimum distributions play on abandoned funds? How can my IRA or other retirement plans be protected from unclaimed funds rules? Watch Szarka Financial’s…
Fiduciary Rule how to help yourself

The Investor Fiduciary Rule is Officially Dead! So who's Protecting Investors Now?

;" What happened with the Investor Fiduciary Rule - why did it "die"? Where does that leave investors now and who's the most vulnerable? What you can do to help protect yourself. Watch Szarka Financial’s CEO Les Szarka, CFP®, ChFC®,…
Index funds gain popularity and have hidden risks

The Hidden Risk of Index Funds

There is a lot of discussion today about investing in index funds. Why have they become so popular? Are there any risks with using Index funds? In what circumstances are they appropriate to use? Watch Szarka Financial’s CEO Les Szarka,…
Bucket Plan retirement

Retirement Using the Bucket Plan

We are closer to a stock market correction. People react differently when the stock market drops. How you react when it does occur can make a big difference in your long-term results. If you know the stock market is going to drop, doesn't…
How to Backdoor Your Roth IRA - Alex Szarka

How to Backdoor Your Roth IRA

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Roth IRAs are an excellent way of diversifying your retirement savings. Most people have the vast majority of their retirement savings in some form of employee sponsored defined contribution plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b). These plans are often…

Divorce: Diving Retirement Assets

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There are certain times in life when you are faced with a lot of important financial decisions over a short period of time, with which you may have never previously dealt. During a divorce is one of those times. The situation is made even…