We Have Something to Talk About


As a financial advisor, my personal goal is to have a positive impact on my clients, every day. I think one of the most fulfilling parts of my job is helping women prepare for retirement. It is also the most fun because every day is different. I understand that financial planning for women isn’t merely about rates of return on investments, while these are important, but it is also about holistic wealth management related to every day decisions that have to be made. Decisions like “Do I take this job or that job?”; “Do I buy a car or lease a car?”; “Should my portfolio take into account that I have no one else to rely upon?”; “How much should I set aside for my daughter’s wedding and how?”; and “How much am I going to be able to live on when I stop working?”. Some of these issues have absolutely nothing to do with a managed portfolio, but they are certainly interwoven into a retirement lifestyle.

Why is this approach critical to women? Studies indicate that there are roughly 17 million women between the ages of 46-64 in the United States right now and about 2/3 of them are single, divorced, or widowed. Many of these women took time away from the work force to raise their children and have had less time to build up their Social Security, savings, or their qualified retirement plan.

To make matters worse, a recent survey by Transamerica indicates that only 8% of female workers believe that they’re saving enough for retirement, 30% never talk about it, and 53% don’t even have a retirement strategy in place. When taking these statistics into consideration, it is no wonder that baby boomer women are the least prepared for retirement.

Ladies, it is time we start talking about retirement! This is a startling and disturbing trend and it simply needs to change. I think you would agree that we have PLENTY to talk about when it comes to your retirement plan and your retirement lifestyle. Why not get that conversation started today?


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