Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance and Life Insurance are often used to manage the risks of long term health care expenses; and the pre-mature death of a spouse or the parent of a child. With the wide range of products and companies available, the decision can quickly become overwhelming. Many times this confusion may lead to no decision being made at all regarding long-term care insurance.

Szarka advisors take a holistic, needs-based approach to selecting life and long-term care insurance programs for clients to help ensure a good match of policy to beneficiary while keeping a keen eye on containing expenses by:

  • Finding the right life insurance coverage by performing a capital needs assessment: working with the client to learn what dollar amount is actually needed to replace income lost due to the passing of a policy holder.

  • Selecting the type of policy that makes the most sense for the individual’s situation and best suits that person’s unique needs. We believe that each client’s situation is unique and thus do not take the “cookie cutter” approach in regard to product selection.

  • Learning if the client really needs or can afford a long-term care insurance policy, then researching and presenting feasible options and alternatives (e.g., Medicaid asset transfers or use of trusts for the purpose of asset protection).

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