Executive Financial Coaching

The Executive Financial Coaching Program involves a one-on-one relationship with a highly skilled and experienced Szarka financial counselor who serves as the executive’s personal Chief Financial Officer.

This executive financial coaching relationship is a collaborative effort providing a high level of detail and involvement with the executive’s finances and life goals:

  • All-Inclusive Service

    Szarka Financial provides coaching in the areas of transition income planning, retirement income planning, integrated investment strategies, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, and the optimum use of company provided benefits.

  • Retirement and Lifetime Cash-Flow Planning

    We will determine the income you will require, to fund your desired retirement lifestyle and allocate your retirement plan assets to match your risk tolerance and long-term goals.

    We will also review your company benefit and compensation options, so that you can receive their full value as well as develop a plan to help meet your children or grandchildren’s college funding goals.

    If retiring, we will help develop a plan to optimize the transfer of any retirement plans into your self-directed IRA account, and a Roth IRA conversion feasibility report.

  • Tax Planning

    Developing an effective tax-reduction strategy in order to maximize deductions and minimize taxes.

  • Develop a Professionally Designed Investment Strategy 

    We first determine your portfolio’s required target rate of return that is necessary to meet your financial goals. Next, we help you design a portfolio with the goal to have the highest probability of achieving your targeted rate of return, at the least amount of risk.

  • Estate Planning

    We will review your current estate plan and, if necessary, facilitate the design of a comprehensive plan, including recommendations for any documents requiring drafting or amending (will, trust, power-of-attorney, living wills and final directives).  Our goal is to minimize any estate taxes, expenses and court involvement in the final disposition of your assets.  If appropriate, discussion may include recommendations regarding Grantor Retained Income Trusts, Family Partnerships, Generation-Skipping Trusts, Charitable Foundations and Personal Residence Agreements & Spousal Trusts.

    We can recommend a contingency plan that ensures your family is taken care of in the event of an untimely death.

    We can verify that your beneficiary designations are accurate and that your assets are properly titled to coordinate with your overall estate plan wishes.

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