401k 403b and IRA Rollover

As the number of companies that offer traditional monthly pension plans continues to decline, employees are being asked to take on more responsibility for managing their retirement assets such as contributing to a 401k 403b plan.

Today, the bulk of most people’s retirement savings are in employer sponsored plans such as 401k 403b and other profit sharing plans. Unfortunately, many people may not feel comfortable deciding how much they should be contributing, and how to invest their assets.

  • Your Szarka Financial advisor will work closely with you to develop a plan that will best meet your financial goals.

    It will take into consideration your desired retirement income needs, your time frame and your overall risk tolerance.

    It will also take into consideration your company benefits, and other sources of retirement income, such as social security or other pensions.

  • When you terminate your employment, we can help you sort through your distribution options, and help you decide which one makes sense for you.

    We can also assist you in rolling over employer plans into an individually directed IRA, and develop an investment strategy that meets your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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