Paying It Forward


By paying it forward, Szarka Financial feels a strong responsibility of finding ways to give back to the community.

To that end, the Szarka team has been for many years directing its time and efforts to provide assistance to those people experiencing a forced job transition.

Losing a job can have serious and lasting impacts from both personal and financial aspects. The emotional roller coaster one can experience during a job search becomes more significant as the time period of unemployment lengthens. Thus what began more than a decade ago as workshops to provide information regarding how to handle the financial challenges that arise during a job transition, quickly grew to 60–80 presentations a year to job seekers groups. These programs were followed by the development of a blog (In the Business of You) to communicate job search tips and a networking group: Ohio Career Connect, focused specifically on helping people in transition make connections that could lead to a new employment opportunity.

Over the last several years, Szarka Financial president Mike Perry has been paying it forward by presenting various job search related programs to over a dozen different job seekers groups throughout Northeast Ohio. Mike has also provided no-cost, one-on-one consultations to over 1,200 people regarding their job search strategies.