In the Business of You

The In the Business of You blog, written by Mike Perry, is a way to stay in touch with the growing number of people with whom we have worked, who have experienced a forced job transition and a place to post the latest and most relevant job search techniques. In the Business of You also covers topics that include everything from building a job search team, resume construction, networking, and interviewing to negotiating terms of an offer.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in any job search is that YOU, the job seeker – whether you are in transition, looking for that first job or employed and seeking the “greener grass” – are the CEO of your job search. YOU are the product being sold to the prospective employer and YOU are accountable for all actions taken (or not taken).

Perry was laid off over ten years ago after working twenty-five years for the same employer (sound familiar..?). He quickly learned that being the CEO of your job search does not mean you are in this alone, and just like any CEO, you seek out the resources that can help you most effectively accomplish your goals. We hope you will find the In the Business of You blog to be such a tool/resource in your own job search.

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