Diana Melenick: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence


Les Szarka founded Szarka Financial in 1985 and it was only two short years later that company co-founder, Debra Szarka, and he made a game-changing hire, Diana Melenick.

Since she started, back on February 17, 1987, Diana has been an integral part of the growth and success of Szarka Financial, but more importantly, she exemplifies the culture of the organization, which is ultimately to put the best interests of our clients first. Maybe that sounds a bit cliché, but a strong passion for taking care of our clients is what Diana is all about. It’s who she is.

For Diana, the people she speaks with so often are more like friends than clients. What she does is not a job, it’s a labor of love. I’ve been managing people now for almost the entirety of my 40 year career and can assure you that, out of the many hundreds of employees with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work, Diana can be counted among a small handful of folks who have demonstrated excellence consistently for their entire tenure.

Diana has weathered the storm over the years of multiple recessions and market downturns. But, instead of worrying about her job at Szarka Financial, she was much more concerned about being there for our clients. A calm and empathetic voice within the chaos and uncertainty of such times is priceless, and that is just one of the many traits that make Diana so special to her Szarka family of co-workers and clients.

During the last 30 years of working with our clients, Diana has watched their children grow into adults, celebrated their successes and shared the grief of their losses. I’ve seen her visibly upset when learning of the passing of clients with whom she’s worked for decades. This is not just an employee, this is a person who has allowed herself to become part of the fabric woven by the hundreds of families with whom we work on a daily basis.

Just recently, everyone at our office attended a surprise celebration for Diana’s 30th anniversary with the company. A few weeks prior, I asked all of our staff and financial advisors to share with me words or phrases that came to mind when they thought about Diana. Not surprisingly, everyone pretty much had the same things to say about her. I took what I received from everyone and put it into a word collage, which we presented to Diana at her celebration event. I’ve included a copy of that collage so as to share with you how we all feel about Diana.

If you know or have worked with Diana, you won’t be surprised at all by what you’ll see in the collage. If you are not yet a client of Szarka Financial and are seeking to work with a planning organization whose culture and mode of operation is defined by someone like Diana Melenick, give me a call and I’ll be glad to introduce you to her.

CONGRATULATIONS, Diana. We are all very proud of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and very glad to have you as part of the Szarka family!