What’s the Next Move for the Market?

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        We just came off of a 10-day winning streak and now with the events involving North Korea; what seems to be going on in the market right now? What are the biggest concerns on the horizon for the market? What…

How Much Financial Risk Should You Be Willing to Take?

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      How do we know what those financial risks are? So by trying to eliminate one risk I could be creating another one? How do I identify potential risks, and how do I specifically control these risks? Watch Szarka Financial’s…

Retirement Planning – What big lessons did we learn from 2016

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What are some retirement risks that people often underestimate, or forget about? What action steps can people take to deal with this risk? What else should people be on the lookout for? Any other underestimated retirement risks? What can be…

Is the “Trump” Stock Market rally over?

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What the next move for the stock market? What are the current issues and driving forces related to the stock market? We’ve seen the stock market relatively flat for the last six weeks, where might it be heading now? What are the next steps…

Post-election, what is the greater investment risk right now?

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Post-election, What is the greater investment risk right now, stocks or bonds? If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates in December, what does that mean for my investments? In general, what does look good as far as investment choices? How…

Night of the Living Debt

Susan and Tom were in their early thirties, and both had promising careers. Having only been married a few years, they had met with a financial advisor to discuss strategies for their growing family. Susan was due with their first child in…

When a Loved One Dies Are You Responsible For Their Debt?

When a spouse or loved one dies, surviving family members are often faced not only with the emotional aftermath of dealing with their loss, but also with an avalanche of legal and administrative issues to deal with for which they are totally…

How Easily Criminals Use Social Media and Public Info to Scam You Out of Your Money

How easy has it become for criminals to use social media to scam people out of their money? Is this just aimed at the elderly? What can people do about not falling victim to financial scams?

Fighting Financial Scams Against the Elderly

Over the past few years there has been an alarming increase in financial fraud aimed specifically at the elderly. While some of the scams could have easily been spotted, the level of sophistication of some of them is truly disturbing. Since…

What is risk tolerance and how does this affect your finances?

  Risk tolerance is affected by having the emotional ability to withstand losses and having the financial capacity to withstand losses. This creates a unique risk tolerance for you. Life is kind of like a football game. The first quarter…