Divorce: Dividing Retirement Assets

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There are certain times in life when you are faced with a lot of important financial decisions over a short period of time, with which you may have never previously dealt. During a divorce is one of those times. The situation is made even…

Age Related Retirement Milestones That Could Even Have You Looking Forward to Your Next Birthday

  For most of us, our attitude towards our next birthday can change dramatically as we go through life. Early on, we may greatly look forward to certain birthdays. For example, many people look forward to their 18th birthday because…

Don't Be a Victim of the Looming 401(k) Crisis

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There is a slow moving time bomb coming in the world of retirement planning, and it’s important for everyone to understand what’s happening so that they can avoid becoming a victim. The time bomb is that the traditional “3-legged stool”…

Inherited IRA: Don't Let it Become a Tax Disaster

These days people are concentrating more and more of their assets in their IRAs. In fact, sooner or later most people will ultimately wind up having almost all their investment assets tied up in IRAs. Since we all know about the two certain…

Year End Donations

Looking to donate some of your unwanted items? Be sure to donate to a qualified organization to be able to claim on your taxes. Watch Szarka Financial’s Senior Financial Advisor Alex Menassa, MT, CPA discuss this more with Fox 8 News.

New IRS Rule Could Provide Relief on IRA Rollovers

Sooner or later, almost all investors will eventually be faced with the decision of whether to roll their 401k (or other employer sponsored retirement plan) into an IRA. The IRS recently issued a new rule that could actually make life a little…

When a Loved One Dies Are You Responsible For Their Debt?

When a spouse or loved one dies, surviving family members are often faced not only with the emotional aftermath of dealing with their loss, but also with an avalanche of legal and administrative issues to deal with for which they are totally…

Take Control by Using IRAs to Cut Your Taxes

It’s getting to be that time of the year, when we all have to deal with one of the two great certainties of life. One of them is taxes…and, well, you know what the other one is! And when it comes to taxes, the wealthy and powerful may…

Fed's Interest Rates Hike Decision Signals Stormy Waters Ahead

Don’t look now, but the smooth waters we’ve seen over the past few years, in terms of market performance, are poised to get rougher in the months ahead. This distinct possibility may have played a pivotal role in the Fed’s decision…

Financial Planning for Individuals in Blended Families

According to census figures, over 1300 blended families are created every day… and almost 50% of Americans have at least one step relative, based on findings from the Pew Research Center.  So for many Americans, step families have become…