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Trade War: Reality or Hype?

How much of the volatility we are seeing in the stock market is related to the trade war with China? What are the potential dangers if the talks fail to find a resolution? What should investors be doing now? Watch Szarka Financial’s CEO Les Szarka, CFP®, ChFC®, discuss these issues with Fox 8 News Anchor […]

HSAs: 1 Account, 3 Tax Benefits

Courtesy of our partners at Hartford Funds Have a health savings account, but not contributing to it? You could be missing out. Fighting the good fight against rising healthcare costs continues. With out-of-pocket medical expenses shooting sky high, increased responsibility now falls directly on our shoulders. Thankfully, there’s a special tool—an often overlooked one—right in […]


Home Sweet Dangerous Home

Courtesy of our partners at Hartford Funds How a CAPS Professional Can Help You Age in Your Home You’ve heard it. That strange, barely audible noise coming from your car. You try to ignore it and think that maybe it will just go away. But it just gets louder over time and triggers a warning […]


Old Scams, New Twists

Courtesy of our partners at Hartford Funds Protect yourself from financial fraud in the digital age. A real-life prince emails for Your assistance. He needs help getting millions of dollars relocated from Nigeria. You’re promised a share for transferring the money. It’s a long-standing scam—a clichéd joke now, even. No one would fall for that […]


Cradles Today, College Tomorrow

Courtesy of our partners at Hartford Funds Newborns—the joys are limitless. Tiny fingers. Toothless smiles. The intoxicating new baby smell. But first-time and veteran parents alike know that limitless anxieties come along with having a new baby, too. One particular worry that looms large for today’s parents is the cost of college. Tuition, room, and […]

Diversification: The Boring Winner

  In a world where the best- and worst-performing asset classes tend to dominate the headlines, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that a diversified investment portfolio is generally the most reliable approach for meeting long-term investment objectives. Diversification is a time-tested component of portfolio construction, especially when looked at through the lens […]