Our team’s objective is to help you get Szarka Smart!

  • We feel it describes our way of doing business, which since 1985, has included a strong commitment to educating our clients and others on timely and important financial related topics and basic financial principles.

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You are More Than Your Finances at Szarka Financial

Szarka Financial has been providing friendly, professional service to clients preparing for, nearing and in retirement. We offer a full range of financial planning services for individuals, employees, and business owners across Northeast Ohio. We help create income strategies for retirees that are concerned about outliving their money.

We differ from our competitors in many ways.

    • We have experienced financial planners who work tirelessly in our clients’ best interests.
    • We provide a team approach, providing personal attention every step of the way. At Szarka Financial, all clients are firm clients and are counseled in the same manner and receive the same innovative level of advice and hands-on, personalized service.
    • We provide customized solutions for our clients helping them to meet their financial goals.

Investment, retirement, insurance, income tax, estate and mortgage planning are all an integral part of the financial planning process. At Szarka Financial, we are committed to evaluating and understanding our clients’ needs, creating solutions and building long-term relationships. Each client is encouraged to develop reasonable investment expectations in line with their risk tolerance. Life savings must be prudently managed and carefully grown in order to help outpace inflation and taxes while reducing risks. Your financial independence and happiness is what we strive to achieve.

Our Basic Financial Planning Philosophy

Our guiding principle is to plan for the worst case scenario. We believe many people plan with “rose-colored glasses.” The problem is that these best case scenarios rarely unfold. We work with clients to help them avoid disappointing or catastrophic consequences. There are very few second chances in retirement. We believe that one key to a successful retirement is to plan for the unexpected! This means that you make very conservative assumptions and try to avoid unnecessary risks.

We Have Found That we do our Best Work With Clients who:

  • Are motivated and driven to meet their financial goals
  • See the value of conservative based financial planning
  • Recognize the value of systematic planning in order to achieve short and long-term goals
  • Appreciate good communication and collaboration with a firm that provides excellent customer service