Retirement Income Planning

We help create income strategies for retirees that are concerned about outliving their money. There are two major parts of retirement income planning:

  • Accumulation Phase: The period during which a person works to save money for retirement. What is accomplished during the Accumulation Phase is a key component in determining when retirement can begin. What is done during retirement determines whether a desired life style can be maintained.

  • Distribution Phase: When the person stops working and begins drawing upon their investments to fund what could well be a 25 to 30 year retirement.

Throughout its nearly 30 year history, Szarka Financial has helped clients develop and execute comprehensive financial plans to reach their individual retirement goals. The key to good retirement income planning is to establish plans that can quickly adapt to change in personal circumstances and weather the storms of volatility in the economy and markets.

Working with your Szarka Financial Advisor, you will be able to design, implement and monitor the progress of your own retirement plan, specifically designed to meet your specific goals.

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