Planning for Retirement vs. Living in Retirement

Planning for retirement should include a focus on both the accumulation (saving) and distribution (spending) phases in your life. Walter Updegrave on CNNMoney states, “These days, the life expectancy of a healthy 65-year-old man is another 20 or so years, while for a woman of the same age, it’s an additional 22 years.” Are you saving enough to support yourself for 20 or more years? Do you know how to make sure the money lasts once you do reach retirement?

We believe that one key to planning for retirement successfully is to plan for the unexpected. This means making very conservative assumptions and trying to avoid unnecessary risks with investments and other financial decisions.

So, what is the key to planning for retirement?

  • If you are not already doing so, you should consider working with a professional to help you determine your retirement “number.”

    They can also help you to establish a financial plan that can be quickly adaptable to change, personal circumstances, or can weather the storms of volatility in the economy and markets.

    If you are already working with a professional, maybe it’s time for a second opinion to make sure that you are on track.

  • It’s a common perception that “everyone’s financial needs are different,” but it takes professionals with an uncommon commitment to develop a comprehensive strategy necessary to effectively address those differences.

    With a broad range of financial knowledge, our team of specialists works together to help you achieve your goals – in the way that best fits your current and future financial picture.

    Our approach is client-centered and goal-directed – because we know that our success is based ultimately on your success.

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