Entries by Alex Menassa, MBA, CPA, JD

Age Related Retirement Milestones That Could Even Have You Looking Forward to Your Next Birthday

  For most of us, our attitude towards our next birthday can change dramatically as we go through life. Early on, we may greatly look forward to certain birthdays. For example, many people look forward to their 18th birthday because in most states, that marks the “age of majority” when they are legally considered an […]

Don’t Be a Victim of the Looming 401(k) Crisis

There is a slow moving time bomb coming in the world of retirement planning, and it’s important for everyone to understand what’s happening so that they can avoid becoming a victim. The time bomb is that the traditional “3-legged stool” of retirement planning is quickly crumbling away, and it doesn’t currently appear as if anything […]

Retirement Planning – What big lessons did we learn from 2016

What are some retirement risks that people often underestimate, or forget about? What action steps can people take to deal with this risk? What else should people be on the lookout for? Any other underestimated retirement risks? What can be done about this risk? Watch Szarka Financial’s Senior Financial Advisor Alex Menassa, MT, CPA, JD, […]