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There are very few second chances when it comes to retirement. Szarka Financial advisors work closely with individuals to help them avoid disappointing or catastrophic consequences with their finances.

  • How Do I Figure Out My Number?

    How do you figure out the actual amount you need in order to be able to retire, your “number”? We collaborate with you to determine your “number,” based on your long-term financial goals and your family’s financial needs, providing personal attention every step of the way.

  • What About After I Retire?

    One key to a successful retirement is anticipating the unexpected, by establishing a financial plan that can quickly adapt to change, personal circumstances, or can weather the storms of economic volatility.

  • Meet with an Advisor

    Investment, retirement, insurance, income tax, estate and mortgage planning are all integral parts of the financial planning process. Szarka Financial advisors are committed to evaluating and understanding clients’ needs, creating solutions and building relationships.

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Meet Our Financial Advisors

Les Szarka, CFP® ChFC®

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Menassa, MBA, CPA

Senior Financial Planner

Charles Conrad, JD

Senior Financial Planner

Mark Stratis, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner

Rick Martin, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner

Dale Tolar

Senior Associate


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